I’m currently available for freelance work and have several years’ experience as a consultant in the following areas.

Social Media and Content Creation

I’ve created content for social media and websites for a number of clients, ranging from a vintage fashion blog to an autistic self-advocacy organisation. I co-created and -hosted a YouTube show about autism and popular culture, which you can learn about here, and have appeared in other YouTube videos.

Events and Talks

From my student days, when I ran the UCL English Society, to my current status as a freelancer, I’ve organised and hosted a wide rage of events: academic lectures, film screenings, workshops, and panel discussions. I’m a member of the executive team for the Ruckus Collective, and most recently I co-hosted a post-show discussion forĀ The Niceties at the Finborough Theatre.

Embedded Criticism

I’m particularly interested in collaborative approaches to art, and in producing responses which are creative in and of themselves. Although I have many years’ experience as a theatre critic, I’m now looking for opportunities to work more closely with companies to really get under the skin of a production and write pieces which are perhaps more thoughtful and in-depth than a traditional review. This year, I worked with devised theatre company The Paper Birds and with the creators of The Niceties at the Finborough Theatre; you can read and listen to the responses I produced here.

Although embedded criticism is primarily a practice in the theatre industry, I’d be really interested in doing a similar type of work in other contexts: for example, working with artists or musicians to respond to their work in a long-form way. I’m also interested in interdisciplinary collaboration, and the possibilities opened up by the tension between different forms or genres.

I’m always looking to talk to interesting people about interesting things, so please get in touch if you have a project you’d like to discuss!