“Accidentally Autistic” is a YouTube show co-created and -hosted by me, along with my friend Angharad.

In each episode, one of us identifies an autistic-coded character from popular culture and presents the other with an argument for reading the character as autistic.

We have a number of goals with this project. Aside from the opportunity to info-dump about our favourite characters, we also hope to draw attention to the diversity that exists within the autism spectrum; to dispel some of the prevailing myths and stereotypes that surround the condition in the popular imagination; to raise awareness of some of the lesser-known traits of autism spectrum conditions; and to offer accessible and familiar illustrations of the diagnostic criteria.

Watch the trailer below to learn more about the show, or click through to YouTube to watch the episodes we’ve made so far. You can also follow us on Twitter at @AccidentAutism – we’d love to hear from you!