“The history book on the shelf / Is always repeating itself”: Mamma Mia, Gilmore Girls, and how (not) to write a sequel (Ruthless Magazine)

A comparative essay looking at intergenerationality, cyclical time, and mother-daughter relationships in the Mamma Mia and Gilmore Girls franchises.

notes on camp (Tinyletter)

A review of In Fabric which considers the film’s take on materialism, aestheticism, sex, the death drive.

in space, no-one can hear you scream (Tinyletter)

An essay on High Life, which takes as its starting point Hannah Paveck’s review in Another Gaze and proceeds to examine the film’s treatment of bodies, intimacy, and exploration.

Balancing the Past in The Last Jedi (Shakespeare and Punk)

A longform review of The Last Jedi which looks at the film’s approach to time and intergenerational relationships in particular.

“Dreaming of violence: the myth of adolescent suburban femininity in Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides (Another Gaze Journal)

This essay on constructions of white girlhood in suburban narratives appeared in Another Gaze issue 2 (November 2018, print).