Recent Work

Below is a quick round-up of my most recent pieces, in reverse chronological order.

Spaces of Authenticity: Ask Me Anything (Medium)

This piece of embedded criticism is the product of my spending a week in rehearsals with devised theatre company The Paper Birds

Exploring the Long History between Women and Pills (Polyester Magazine)

Part 1 of a series on the troubled relationship between women and the medical industry

“The history book on the shelf / Is always repeating itself”: Mamma Mia, Gilmore Girls, and how (not) to write a sequel (Ruthless Magazine)

A comparative essay looking at intergenerationality, cyclical time, and mother-daughter relationships in the Mamma Mia and Gilmore Girls franchises

Big Reputation: Taylor Swift at Wembley (Ruthless Magazine)

A review of the Wembley leg of Taylor Swift’s Reputation stadium world tour

“When you’ve outgrown a lover, the whole world knows but you”– One Year of Lorde’s Melodrama (Ruthless Magazine)

This personal essay evaluates my relationship with Lorde’s album Melodrama, one year after its release

Balancing the Past in The Last Jedi (Shakespeare and Punk)

A longform review of The Last Jedi which looks at the film’s approach to time and intergenerational relationships in particular

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I have written for various small and independent publications, both online and in print.

All of my previous work can be found on my contently page.

Plays to See

I’ve been involved with the performing arts charity Plays to See since 2015, starting out as a reviewer and working my way up to become a part of the admin and editorial team. All of my reviews for Plays to See can be found here.


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